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Disney Christmas

I know, I know, it’s only October! Halloween is almost here so we’re putting up Halloween decorations, planning our costumes and looking forward to watching a Halloween movie. See my Halloween movie bucket list here. However, I am seriously excited for Christmas and have started planning my Christmas shopping. Being massive Disney fans, I always end up buying a few items from the Disney Christmas range. I’ve been looking at their Christmas selection for a few weeks now, so here I list my favourites.

I have visited our local Disney Store so many times over the last few weeks, I’m sure the cast members are starting to recognise me. Just the other day I was walking around the store, taking photos of all the lovely things I am adding to my Disney wish list. I have bought a few Disney Christmas decorations to add to this collection. However, there are still lots of lovely things I’d love to buy, if only my purse would allow it!

Here are some of my favourite Disney Christmas things I spotted online at ShopDisneyUk. Hopefully I will be able to get one or two more things this year.

I love buying a new Christmas jumper every year and it’s tradition for our family to each get new Christmas pyjamas on Christmas Eve. I spotted these children’s pyjamas and the jumpers are for adults. They look so cosy and are ideal for a perfect Disney Christmas.

In our house we don’t drink a lot of hot drinks. I don’t drink any hot drinks at all and the rest of the Disney Mad Family only have an occasional hot chocolate or green tea. But these mugs are very cute and would be great for whipped cream topped hot chocolate on Christmas Eve. When I saw the Disney Christmas throw I fell in love with it! I love having a soft, warm blanket to snuggle up with when watching Christmas movies and this one is amazing. I also love the tumbler with the straw. We seem to have dozens of these types of cups in our house, but one more wouldn’t hurt ; )

All the Disney Christmas Tree Ornaments are so incredible it was hard to choose favourites. In the end I chose this selection of ornaments. We already have the Up house and we bought the Chip ‘n’ Dale hanging ornaments in Walt Disney World. The rest of these are really lovely but unfortunately I can’t buy all of them this year. I hope they keep them around for next year, so I can add to our collection a little bit at a time. If I do get to buy one more this year, I will get the Tinkerbell bauble where she is sat on a cute vase. All Disney Christmas tree ornaments are beautifully made and look amazing on our Christmas tree. If you are only going to get one item from the Disney Christmas range this year, I highly recommend getting a tree ornament.


These last few items are miscellaneous ones that I think are lovely. Advent calendars are a must to help everyone get in the festive spirit during December. This one is customisable and reusable because you can put anything you want in the drawers. We have a similar one here and I always put a mixture of things in the calendar. I put chocolates, small stationery items, hair accessories and nail polish.

The Eeyore cuddly toy is super cute. He is a special edition cuddly, but they also do another Christmas Eeyore. The little craft set is a ‘Make Your Own Decoration’ set. It looks like it would be great fun for kids and a really cool activity on the run up to Christmas.

Everybody in our family loves watching Christmas movies and TV programmes. I saw this Disney Christmas DVD online. I’ve never seen it before, so I’m not sure if it’s a new collection but I think I’ll buy it to watch while I’m wrapping Christmas presents this year. Does anyone else leave all their wrapping to the last minute? I tell myself every year that I’m going to be more organised but still end up doing the majority of my wrapping the night before Christmas Eve.

Last but by no means least is the really pretty Disney Christmas gift boxes. They do a variety of sizes and I think they’re such a great idea. Some presents are not easy to wrap because of their shape, so gift boxes can be handy for those tricky presents and they still look festive.

Have you started  your Christmas shopping yet? Do you have any of the Disney Christmas range on your wish list?

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