Magic Kingdom Rides – Our Favourites

Hello All, I hope you’re all having a fantastic day. It’s been a wet and windy weekend here in Wales. As always I have been thinking about Walt Disney World and can’t wait to be there again. Magic Kingdom is an amazing park and definitely my favourite. I have decided to write a short series about Magic Kingdom. Today’s topic is which Magic Kingdom Rides are our favourites.

There are so many reasons to love Magic Kingdom. The atmosphere is magical, the smells are incredible and the castle is just beautiful. In Magic Kingdom there are plenty of places to eat and also lots of opportunities to meet characters or rest for a while.

Magic Kingdom has 42 attractions, from the Astro Orbiter to Stitch’s Great Escape. Disney Imagineers really have made sure there is plenty of choice for everybody to have a fun-filled day. You can find the full list of attractions on Walt Disney World page, here.

Every time we visit Magic Kingdom we want to enjoy the park as much as possible. However, we know that the queues get really long for the popular attractions. We have a few Magic Kingdom rides that we want to ride every time, so we always try to get Fastpass+ so that we’re not disappointed.

Magic Kingdom Rides – Our Favourites

  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Set in the abandoned ghost town, Tumbleweed, this rickety train takes you on a thrill ride around a huge mountain. There are drops, turns and dips as the train darts along through the abandoned mine shaft. The great thing about this ride is the height limit is only 40 inches. This makes it a great ride for younger children who enjoy more thrilling, exciting rides but are still too small for Space Mountain.
  2. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin – This is a great family ride that everybody will enjoy. Magic Kingdom Favourite RidesWe all get so competitive on this ride, it’s hilarious. Everyone takes a seat in a space buggy and you each get a space cannon that fires a red laser. You must aim for targets to earn points, as you travel through space and defeat Emperor Zurg. Years ago our ride stopped halfway through. However, the lasers still worked, so by the end of the ride everyone had thousands and thousands of points! The good news is there is no height restriction on here, although I’m guessing if you took a baby on with you they would need to sit in your lap.
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean – This is a slow moving boat ride that takes you on a voyage through a 17th Century seaport town. Throughout the ride you see Pirate’s Grotto, The Fort, Burning City and The Dungeon. Make sure you wave to Captain Jack at the end! It’s another great family ride with no height restriction. We all love this ride, however we always forget where they take the photo, so never seem to be smiling at the right time!Magic Kingdom Favourite Rides
  4. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – The mine train is another amazing thrill ride. It has a height limit of just 38 inches, so is perfect for young children. On the train you follow a path through the Enchanted Forest and through a tunnel. Then once you’re at the top of the hill, the train whizzes down the slope, around the mountain, through the countryside and into the mine shaft. Magic Kingdom Favourite RidesYou will see where the dwarfs head off to work every day. Then at the end you find the dwarfs cottage, where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs can be found dancing. The queue gets so long on this ride, so get a Fastpass+ or be prepared for a long wait.
  5. Splash Mountain – Florida is hot, there is no denying that! This is why we love the water rides so much. We always try to get a Fastpass+ for Splash Mountain at around 2pm. The reason we do this is because by that time we are usually all a bit worn out from the heat and in need of cooling down. You sit inside a log and it then floats along the caves and meadows, while you watch the adventures of Br’er Rabbit and friends. Magic Kingdom Favourite RidesThere are 3 dips and 1 huge drop, so you will get wet. We love to sit as close to the front as possible. However, if you don’t want to get soaked I recommend sitting at the back. The height restriction on this ride is 40 inches.
  6. Swiss Family Treehouse – This is a walk through tour and is fantastic. The attention to detail is incredible. You can see how hard the imagineers work to make everything as magical as possible for all Disney World guests. As you climb the stairs of the treehouse, you will see how the Swiss Family Robinson lived on the island. Along the way you will see their living room, kitchen and dining room, the crow’s nest, the study and the jungle lookout. Once you reach the top of the treehouse you can enjoy breathtaking view of Adventureland and Magic Kingdom.

That’s all of our favourite Magic Kingdom rides. However, there are so many other amazing attractions to enjoy. What are you favourite rides at Magic Kingdom? I hope you’ll come back again soon for my next Magic Kingdom series instalment.

If you’re interested in the other parks at Walt Disney World read about our tips for Epcot here.




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