Back to School – Our preparations

It only seems like yesterday I wrote our School’s Out for Summer post and now it’s September again and back to school time. At this time of year I like to think of all the things we did over the Summer. I also look forward to the different holidays coming up, like Halloween and Christmas. We visited the beach and we had days out in the garden enjoying the sunshine. Also we enjoyed days out with friends and on rainy days we built blanket forts. The Summer was so much fun and I’m a bit sad that it’s over.

I remember as a child I loved the beginning of a new school year, because it meant new stationery. I still love stationery now; new notebooks to fill with lists and ideas for Christmas and birthday gifts for people. I have definitely passed my love of stationery on to our daughters. This means that we recently went shopping to stock up on school stationery, school uniform and a few extra bits to take us into the Autumn.

Our first stop was Primark. They have such a great Disney range. Although some of it isn’t great quality, the prices are cheap. They’re cheap enough to have a little treat every now and then without breaking the bank. I bought myself a new notebook and pen while we were in there. Evie got a super cute bulldog clipboard for her bedroom. It looks great up on her wall and will come in handy to keep the school newsletters.

Evie already has lots of stationery but for the new school year we always make sure she has

  1. Writing pens
  2. Drawing pencils
  3. Colouring pencils
  4. Erasers
  5. Pencil sharpener
  6. 30cm ruler

As well as the above items she also asked for some highlighters so I ordered some from Amazon, hoping they would arrive quickly but they haven’t arrived yet so she might have to go to school without them for a few days.

I started buying her school uniform weeks ago because it’s surprising how quickly it all sells out, so they are now put away neatly in her wardrobe (I’m not expecting that to last long). Luckily the school that Evie goes to only requires the school cardigan to have a logo on, so the rest of the uniform can be bought anywhere. I usually buy it all from either Next or Marks & Spencer, although George at Asda is good for P.E leggings and t-shirts.

The first day back to school usually ends up being a bit stressful. We’re all out of routine because of the Summer holidays, so when the alarm clock goes off on the first day back at school it’s usually a bit of a struggle getting us all out of bed, washed, dressed and fed before leaving for the school run. I try to get things sorted out the night before so that when we wake up in the morning, we don’t have to run around in a panic trying to find everything. Here’s my list for preparing for back to school Day 1.

  1. Shoes by front door
  2. Coat/jacket hung up in hallway
  3. Get uniform out ready
  4. Make sandwiches and pack lunch box
  5. Pack school bag with pencil case, milk money and reading books
  6. Have an hour to relax and wind down ready for bed

I’m sure by Day 3 I won’t seem quite so organised. There will be shoes and coats stuffed in the cupboard under the stairs, getting them out of the way so I can hoover. Evie’s uniform will be dumped wherever she gets undressed and then come the morning there will be a mad rush to find her cardigan. Our Tupperware cupboard will be overrun with lids that don’t seem to match any containers. But the one thing I can always rely on is that Evie’s bag is always packed! She loves bags and is always carrying one around with her, full of a random mixture of anything and everything.

When school starts it takes a few days to settle back into the routine but it makes us look forward to the weekends even more and count down to the next school holiday. Before long we will be getting ourselves ready for Halloween parties and trick or treating and then shops will be full of Christmas gifts, decorations and food. I love this time of year when everything feels festive.

When do your children go back to school? Do you look forward to everything going back to normal in September with the school routine? What’s your favourite time of year?

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  1. I love fall. I miss the first day of school with my kids. I always did a special breakfast using the crystal goblets and china each year. I usually made either an egg casserole or a French toast casserole that I could pop in the oven when I took my shower, fruit, juice, and milk. I also put a note and special surprise in their lunchboxes that day.

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