Family Time, Food and Movies

We had such a busy week last week! Our week consisted of fun, food and family time. On Sunday we had a barbecue with all our family. Hosting a barbecue always ends up being a lot of work but no matter how tired we are afterwards, we always end up hosting another one. Both of us were up before 8am, cleaning the house, prepping the barbecue, making a mountain of potato salad and trying to figure out how to fit everything into a fridge that was already full.

On the menu we had chicken wings, sausages, burgers, steak and pizzas. We had a pizza oven built in our garden a few years ago. The pizzas are so much nicer than any takeaway or store-bought pizza. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone had a great time. By the time everybody left and all the cleaning up was finished, it was almost 10pm! I don’t think we sat down for around 12 hours so were exhausted and couldn’t wait to get to bed. As tired as we were though we did enjoy our family time together.

On Monday it was James’ birthday, so it was his choice of activity for the day. The weather was atrocious; cold, wet and windy. Due to the weather being so rubbish his choice was to watch Ant-man and the Wasp in the cinema. If anybody hasn’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It was a great family movie, with some comedy moments and a brilliant story line following on from the first movie. Without giving away any spoilers, you need to stay past the credits at the end to see a post-credits scene that links to Marvel Avengers Infinity War ending. This is what I love about all the Marvel Universe movies, they have taken the time to link all the stories together to bring all the characters together.

Family Time at the cinema
Ant-man and the Wasp movie. Cinema

After the movie we went for tapas at a restaurant that we have walked past a few times and always wanted to try. The restaurant wasn’t busy when we got there but did start to fill up while we ate. We had a lovely evening, but I don’t think we will return to that restaurant again. The food was just ‘OK’. We ordered a huge selection to try but nothing really wowed us. We love food and if we find somewhere that impresses us, we tell everybody about it and always make a return visit with others. This restaurant is not one of those places and I don’t see us ever eating there again. We have definitely eaten in nicer places. We enjoyed our day though and the average food didn’t spoil it for us. Another lovely day with lots of family time and laughs.

On a more positive note, we did eat somewhere else last week which we have already recommended to other people. The restaurant was called Maria’s Greek Taverna in Cardiff and it was so lovely. It’s a small restaurant so it doesn’t have a lot of tables, but I think this made the atmosphere a lot more pleasant. The food was so tasty. We had halloumi fries with a honey and mint drizzle for starter and as our main meal we had a sharing mixed platter. The platter included chicken kebabs, pork kebabs, sausage and pork gyros, layered over fries and came with a tzatziki dip and warm pitta bread. It was so delicious we ate every single scrap of food on the plate and still wanted more. I will return to this restaurant and have already recommended it to friends and family.

Family time eating out
Maria’s Greek Taverna, Cardiff. Delicious Greek food. Gyros. Chicken and pork kebabs. Tzatziki

Also last week we went to the cinema again! I know, twice in one week is crazy right. I’m not a cinema lover; I get impatient and would much rather be at home watching a movie on the sofa, in my comfy joggers with some crisps and the pause button for whenever somebody needs a toilet break or to top up their drink. Any family time is great, but we don’t normally go to the cinema so often.

Our second cinema trip was to watch The Incredibles 2. Chloe and Evie have been saying for weeks that they wanted to watch the movie, so we bought the tickets online and made our way to the Odeon. We already had a bag of sweets from our Ant-man viewing, so just bought some popcorn and a drink. The movie was another fabulous family movie. I thought it was a little bit slow to begin with and I worried that it wasn’t going to ramp up at all. However, it did get better and ended up being a fun movie. I guessed who the bad guy was almost straight away, but that didn’t spoil the movie one bit and by the time the movie finished we all felt the Disney magic once again. We even spotted a Hidden Mickey in the movie.

Family time at the cinema


Whenever we go to the cinema we always try to remember what trailers we saw. We’re not very good at remembering all of them. Some of the trailers are movies that we’d like to see which does make it easier. I can remember seeing a trailer for Christopher Robin, The Nutcracker and a movie called The Darkest Minds. The Darkest Minds looks excellent and Evie really wants to see it when it is released. I can’t remember what other trailers we saw this week. I’ll be keeping an eye on the release dates for the ones we do want to see. I know Christopher Robin is out in America already and I’ve heard some excellent reviews, but I don’t think I want to watch that movie in the cinema so will wait until it is out on DVD and watch it at home.

All in all, we had a busy, but also really fun week. It’s good to get out and spend family time together. I am kind of hoping for a quieter week this week though!

How was everybody else’s week? Has anybody else seen the Incredibles 2 movie or Ant-man? What did you think of it? Did any Disney fans spot a Hidden Mickey in Incredible 2? Do you enjoy family time?

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