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I saw this thread done on Jenny In Neverland’s blog and loved the idea of it. I thought it was a fun way of just learning a few things about the author and decided to post my own so that anybody who stumbles across my blog will hopefully enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Jenny’s.

So the idea is that each question has two options and I have to choose which I prefer. Some of them are more difficult to answer, but I suppose that’s the whole idea of it. I like the structure of answering questions, because sometimes when I am writing I feel like I am rambling on about nothing in particular. Having questions to answer means that my writing is quite focused and doesn’t go too far off track.

I hope you all enjoy this post and I’d love to hear a few of your own answers and maybe some extra questions if people have them. If I get enough questions then maybe in the future I will update the post with those extras.

Shower in the morning or evening?

Morning definitely, prepare for the day ahead. However, sometimes an evening shower is a must, particularly while we’ve had constant heatwaves lately in the UK.

City centre or close to nature?

For me it has to be city centre. I love having the convenience of living close to a major city. I grew up in that city & although we live about 20 miles away from the city now, it is still close enough that it doesn’t feel like a trek to get to work, visit family or just pop into ‘town’ for a day of shopping or a few drinks on a night out.

Bright colours or neutral?

Three questions in and I’m finding it tricky already. Ok I appreciate neutrals because they set the base for whatever you’re doing, whether that’s choosing an outfit or decorating your home. But I like to offset the neutrals with a splash of colour to just brighten things up. I guess if I have to choose I will go with neutrals.

Weird or stupid?

Uuuuhhh, I don’t really know what the answer is to this question. Isn’t everybody a bit weird in there own way? If we were all the same that wouldn’t be much fun. And let’s face it, everybody has their stupid moments on occasion.

Spring or Autumn?

Definitely Autumn. I actually don’t particularly like Spring, probably because where we live it just ends up being a stretch of cold and wet days, but with enough sunshine that you try to convince yourself that it’s actually a nice day, when in reality you want to just go home, shut your curtains and watch a good movie.


Mint or cinnamon?

I’ll go with mint because I had a mint choc chip ice cream cone yesterday and it was yummy!

Planned or spontaneous?

Planned! When you have children spontaneous just ends up going wrong. Although I don’t like a rigid schedule, I just like to have an idea of what’s going on each day but it doesn’t bother me if the plans change.

A movie at home or at the cinema?

At home 100%!! We can sit in our pyjamas, with some fluffy socks on and all the crisps and sweets you can possibly imagine, without it costing an arm and a leg. Plus you get to pause the movie for bathroom breaks.

Espresso or latte?

None. I don’t like any hot drinks at all. However, I do enjoy coffee flavoured foods, like coffee cake.

Asking questions or answering questions?

Both. Sorry, I can’t choose one.

Hugs or kisses?

Hugs – warm hugs

Spicy or mild food?

Definitely spicy. The spicier the better. Give me a chicken madras any time & I will happily eat it.

Leather or lace?

I’ll go with leather. Lace is beautiful but I don’t ever find any lace clothing that looks good on me, but the leather jacket I own would look good on anybody.

Over-dressed or under-dressed?

Under-dressed. I would prefer to be under-dressed and comfortable than over-dressed in a stuffy outfit.

Adventure or comfort?

Tricky. I love my comforts and treasure the days on the weekend when we don’t have anything to do, so can just laze around on the sofa catching up on TV and eating our weight in Pringles. But when we go on holiday we do keep very busy and always looking for something new to do. On our last cruise we went to Jamaica and climbed Dunns River Falls and it was by far one of the best things we have ever done.

TV-series or movies?

I have this conversation regularly. I would always choose TV-series over movies. I love a good movie, but I’m also very impatient and find it frustrating when movies go on and on and on. So a TV-series is perfect because you can get into the stories and learn about the characters, but can switch it off after an hour.

Rock or country music?

Can I choose both or have I done that too much already? Ok I’ll go rock, really because the UK doesn’t really have a large country music scene like America does. I do enjoy watching Nashville though.

Red or white wine?

I actually don’t like wine. I have found precisely 2 wines that I like in my whole life, but both of those have been on holiday, so not been able to get them since. They were both white wines though, so I will go with white just to answer the question.

Working alone or in a team?

Team working is so much better. There are always a lot more ideas and you always have people to help you if you’re falling behind.

Swimming or sunbathing?

Swimming. We all just get too bored sunbathing, plus I don’t understand how people can lay there in the sun, getting hot and sweaty and end up with sunburn.


Fast food or sit down restaurant?

I’d choose a sit down restaurant purely for the quality of the food, because we do enjoy our food a lot and as a family we try to eat out quite often. Fast food is more of a lazy choice on those days when you want to get home but don’t want to cook, so just a means to an end.

Matched or mismatched socks?

Mismatched! Who cares really?

Dancing or singing?

I really can’t choose. Music is always on in our house, so we are always singing. But on a girls night out it’s always so much fun to have a good dance.

So that’s all the questions for today. I hope everyone enjoys reading this. Why don’t you all give it a go? It was more tricky that you’d think.

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