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I don’t know why, but lately I have felt like every week goes by so quickly. Usually this isn’t the case, Friday comes around and everybody feels like the week has gone on and on and on forever! I can only put this current change of speed down to us being so busy. We’ve had the end of term rush, discussed in my School’s Out for Summer post. It’s also been busy for both of us in work, we’ve had family occasions to enjoy and on top of all this we have been having work done on our rear garden.

Since we moved in to our house almost 12 years ago, the garden has never really been done properly. Every Spring we clean it up, buy a few potted plants, get the decking cleaned & re-stained, have a new ton or two of stone chippings delivered to cover over the old grass area that just wouldn’t grow properly and then make do for another year. So this year we went for it and had a lot of work done on it. The end result is a much bigger looking garden, more space to enjoy and hopefully a garden that will now just be ready for us to enjoy every year, without spending weeks trying to make it look presentable! Here it is almost completed.


So on Friday we invited friends over and had a great time eating pizza, having a few drinks and lots of laughs. We have a really cute Disney tray; it’s actually a Christmas tray but we don’t own any other trays, so it gets used often. The last time we had these friends over, we were serving drinks on this tray. Well, this tray became known as the tray of doom, due to us having a little bit too much to drink and feeling rather ill that night. The ‘tray of doom’ came out again on this occasion, but it has redeemed itself because it was full of pizza toppings for us to make some delicious pizzas in our pizza oven. My favourite pizza topping is jalapeno and mushrooms, but we had a variety of other toppings, like ham, chorizo, beef, peppers, onions and sweetcorn. We bought the dough at a butchers local to us and the pizza oven cooked the pizzas in just a few minutes. It was a lovely evening.

Saturday was a quiet day for us. In an ideal world we would be able to just spend all day, every day having fun, visiting new & interesting places, eating out and just enjoying every minute of the day. Unfortunately grown up things sometimes get in the way, like housework and laundry. It’s a boring task, but somebody’s got to do it!

On Sunday we went out for Sunday lunch with family. It was a lovely few hours out, but Sunday roast dinner wasn’t the best choice of meal on this day because it was just so warm & eating a plate full of turkey, potatoes, gravy and vegetables made us all feel even hotter. The food was delicious though so we will go back again when the weather cools down again. I wanted to take a bit of Disney with me when we went out, so I wore my really cute Mickey Mouse shirt that I bought in Primark a few months ago. Primark seem to be doing so well with Disney items lately and I always look forward to seeing what new products they release. It was a great choice, it was light and comfortable. Only thing I worried about was spilling gravy down it; that would have been a Disney disaster!

On our way home from our meal yesterday afternoon, we put some music on and ended up listening to Disney’s Frozen soundtrack. We were all singing along in the car, enjoying the soundtrack that became so popular 5 years ago. My favourite character in Frozen is Elsa, closely followed by Olaf. What’s your favourite character from this movie?


The soundtrack put us in a very Disney mood and when we sat down on Sunday evening, we watched Disney’s Frozen. It was a lovely way to wind down on a Sunday evening and prepare ourselves for another week ahead of us. I dislike Sunday evenings, simply because it always feels like the weekend goes so quickly and I know that Monday morning is looming, so watching a Disney movie made the evening much more enjoyable. It also got me thinking more about our next trip to Disney World, which we are currently in the process of planning. I’ll be writing more about our holiday planning another time, so make sure you subscribe so you can check out our tips that we have picked up along the way.

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