Schools Out for Summer!

This time of year is always a highly emotional time for parents and children everywhere. Children are hitting new milestones; some have just completed their first year of school, some are completing primary school full of excitement but slightly anxious about a new school in September. The milestone for us is that our youngest daughter has finished Year 5 so when she goes back to school in September, it will be her final year in primary school! Where has the time gone?

It’s exciting watching them grow and learn new things; getting braver and more confident every day. I love listening to them playing in the garden, or when I hear them giggling in their bedroom I wonder what sort of mischief they are up to. But I always wish they would just slow down a bit, stay little for just a bit longer. When they sit with me for a cuddle, I want to hold on to them for a minute longer because I realise that these moments will become less frequent.

The end of school term always ends up being a rush of parties, class assemblies, sports day, toy day and all the other fun activities that they squeeze in before the school closes for six weeks. There’s always something to remember, whether it’s having to buy an extra pack of biscuits so they can take in a contribution for the end of term party, a present for the teacher to accompany the handmade card that they have put so much care & attention into making or just finding the perfect toy to take in on Toy Day.

For our youngest daughter, her choice was a doll and a board game. As a special treat she also asked if she could use her beautiful rose gold Minnie backpack that we managed to hunt down on our recent trip to DisneyWorld. The backpack was very much the bag of the moment. It was all over Instagram and Facebook as the bag everybody had to have. We didn’t think we stood a chance of getting one while we were away. The World of Disney store at Disney Springs had none in stock, as well as the other stores we tried. Then as if by some sort of (Disney) magic, we were strolling through Epcot one afternoon & decided to have a browse in the Mouse Gear store. Walking in through the side entrance, it was like a beacon was calling us in, as at the same time we all spotted a small display glittering rose gold sequins. We were in luck, we managed to get a bag each for our daughters! Two very happy girls and a relieved Mum & Dad, pleased that we weren’t going to have to hunt the bags down on eBay and pay extra for the privilege.

RG bag

So here she is, walking to school on the last day with her gorgeous bag. The rose gold backpack was filled with some coloring pens and a few coloring pages that had been retrieved from the everyday school bag. A doll and the board game were packed in a larger bag & off we went for the last day of another school year, the final 6 hours of school before the summer holidays begins. At school pick up time, children were running out of school with big smiles on their faces.

I love the summer break. Six weeks might seem long, but when the new school year comes around again in September, I always wonder where the time has gone and how we managed to get through another Summer. There will be tears occasionally, there will be days when it seems like all they’ve done is moan and argue, there will also be days when I have to work and feel guilty that I’m missing out on the fun they’re having that day; but outweighing the tears, tantrums & guilt there will be lots of fun, laughter and new experiences that we all learn from.

I hope everybody enjoys the Summer holidays with their children. I saw something on social media a few weeks ago that said ‘Enjoy the Summer holidays with your children, remember you only get 18 of them’. So make those plans, take them to the park, visit the museums and castles, go to the beach, because there will come a time when they want to spend their summers elsewhere and you’ll be looking back at photos glad that you took the time to make these memories.

13 thoughts on “Schools Out for Summer!

  1. That bag is gorgeous! Isn’t it great watching the children grow with confidence but isn’t it an emotional time for us parents when they finish another school year?!

    1. It’s so beautiful isn’t it. It sparkles in the sunlight with all the sequins, I love it! Yes it is great, every time they try new things you can just see their confidence growing. It is getting more emotional every year, I can’t believe our babies are growing up so quickly.

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