Family Movie Night Plan

Family Movie Night

In our house we love to have a family movie night. Where we live, the weather is more often than not wet, grey & miserable, so when we’re stuck indoors it’s a great way for us all to spend time together and be entertained.

Choosing a Movie

Family movie night is so much fun but it’s sometimes tricky to choose a movie when there are 4 people with their own choices  and opinions on what movie to watch. But more often than not you can bet on it that at least one Disney movie will be suggested. Often we come back from our holiday and want to binge watch as much Disney as possible, to just keep the magic feeling alive a little bit longer.

That’s when it starts to get easier and we come up with a shortlist. But we still ask ‘animated or live action?’ ‘Disney or Pixar?’. Some movies are all time favourites, like Toy Story, Wreck-It Ralph or the Princess movies. Other movies are just fun to watch sometimes as a family. One thing is for sure though; whichever movie we choose, we know it’s going to be entertaining. I love a movie that fills us with the feeling of Disney magic for a few hours.

Time to put the movie on

We all settle down with some snacks. Our favourite movie snacks are popcorn, crisps, sweets & ice cream. I prefer toffee popcorn but we sometimes have a sweet & salted mixed bag.

When we’re all comfortable we put the movie on. I love it when we all start singing along to the songs. The only problem is the songs get stuck in our heads for days!

Everyone I know is aware of how much I love Disney and I sometimes get asked what my favourite Disney movie is. Problem is, I always struggle to answer the question. I love the princess movies and Beauty & the Beast was my favourite, but I have found as I am getting older I enjoy all the movies for different reasons.

One day I’d like to start ticking off this list that I found of Disney movies. How cool would it be to get all of them ticked?

Family Movie Night

Do you have regular movie nights? What’s your favourite snacks to enjoy on movie night? Do you have a favourite movie?

3 thoughts on “Family Movie Night Plan

  1. My wife and I love Disney and we have two little girls to watch them with. My oldest daughter, Blair, watched Moana in theaters when it first came out. It’s always been one of our favorites. She’s now into Tangled and Wreck It Ralph

    1. The song in Moana will go down as an all time great, our daughters love it! Tangled is definitely up there as one of my favourites and Wreck It Ralph is one of my husband’s favourites. He’s always asking to watch it : )

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