Disney Toy Story Cake Pops

I was looking through some of our holiday photos last night & came across this one of some Toy Story themed cake pops that we bought one day while we were relaxing by the resort pool. Disney always manage to make everything look so beautiful. Whether it’s flower displays, fireworks or food, the attention to detail is amazing & always looks irresistible. I love the playful colours on these cake pops, which fit perfectly with the Toy Story theme. When we ate them, we realised that they are actually Cookie Dough cake popsicles, with rainbow sprinkles & chocolate chips. They were so good & the more I look at the pictures, the more I want to go back & get more!

We’re big foodies (is that a word really?), so always looking for new places to eat & I always try to get some photos. DisneyWorld always has loads of amazing food so I could talk all day about some of the food we’ve had on our holidays. However, that would probably just make me hungry, so for now I will leave the cake pops here for people to admire & come back another time to update.

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